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Description Of Gunite

Material is generally mixed at the job-site or pre-bagged and contains only fine aggregates – the material is transported thru a hose or pipe in the dry state then water is injected at the nozzle to hydrate the mix, this process requires great skills in the hydration process. Gunite (Dry mix process) has been used for years in swimming pool construction and concrete repair. The Gunite process remains to be one of the best tools for Concrete repair in today's concrete industry. Note: The dry mix must be pre- dampened before it is sent thru the delivery system -this will minimize dust and help with the hydration needed at the nozzle.

Structural Concrete applications may be limited with this process due to aggregate size limitations also the hydration at the point of discharge, may lead to incomplete W/C (water cement ratio) depending on the experience of the Nozzleman and the moisture content of the aggregate.

Description of Shotcrete

The Shotcrete Contractors Association Simply states Shotcrete (wet mix CONCRETE process) is CONCRETE and can be tailgated, pumped or vibrated, when air is added at the point of discharge the concrete being placed remains concrete with increased velocity to help in vertical placement , THE NOZZLE CAN BE REMOVED AT ANY TIME – THE CONCRETE CAN BE PUMPED and vibrated in congested or horizontal applications. The General Contractor - Shotcrete Contractor can pour  footings and retaining walls Monolithic

President's Comment
I have been in Gunite / Shotcrete industry for over 40 years started as a laborer, foreman, superintendent – owner. I have been asked to explain the difference between Gunite and Shotcrete almost every day for the past 30 years. The questions seems to always be the same what is the difference between the two.

In the Shotcrete process the answer is simple: The Aggregates and Cement Powder - are mixed completely with the Water, creating Wet Mix Concrete.

Shotcrete is Concrete

The goal of the Shotcrete Concrete Contractors Association is to offer Specifications and Guidance in the use of Shotcrete (wet mix concrete process) as means and methods for placing concrete in the Structural Concrete Industry.

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