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President's Comment
I have been in Gunite / Shotcrete industry for over 40 years started as a laborer, foreman, superintendent – owner. I have been asked to explain the difference between Gunite and Shotcrete almost every day for the past 30 years. The questions seems to always be the same what is the difference between the two.

In the Shotcrete process the answer is simple: The Aggregates and Cement Powder - are mixed completely with the Water, creating Wet Mix Concrete.

The Shotcrete Concrete Contractors Association shotcrete - gunite was established to promote and educate the Concrete industry in the use of Shotcrete with guide line from the American concrete instate  , projects following ACI Certification

Mission Statement

The Shotcrete Concrete Contractors Association was established to promote and educate the Concrete industry in the use
​of Shotcrete  (wet mix concrete process)   as means and methods for installing Concrete

Shotcrete Contractors Association