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Non-profit Organization of Contractors, Engineers and others with common interest in promoting and educating the Concrete industry in the use of Shotcrete (wet mix Concrete)

As means and methods for installing Concrete

Shotcrete is concrete (or sometimes mortar) conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique. Shotcrete is usually an all-inclusive term that can be used for both wet-mix and dry-mix versions. In the pool construction trade however, the term "shotcrete" refers to wet-mix and "gunite" refers to dry-mix; in this context, these two terms are not interchangeable. Shotcrete undergoes placement and compaction at the same time due to the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. It can be impacted onto any type or shape of surface, including vertical or overhead areas. 

The Shotcrete Concrete Contractors Association (SCCA) has developed an education program that is current with all ACI Concrete industry standards.

SCCA works with California local ACI chapters in administering the ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification program which includes both classroom education and practical field education including a Concrete specific Safety class.  Contact Shotcrete Concrete Contractors for session dates.

The Contractor is Key in the success of the Project

Which may include project specific mock-up's which would demonstrate quality control this would verify the capabilities of the Nozzleman including the support needed by the Contractor.

President's Comment
I have been in Gunite / Shotcrete industry for over 40 years started as a laborer, foreman, superintendent – owner. I have been asked to explain the difference between Gunite and Shotcrete almost every day for the past 30 years. The questions seems to always be the same what is the difference between the two.  In the Shotcrete process the answer is simple: The Aggregates and Cement Powder - are mixed completely with the water, creating Wet Mix Concrete.  SHOTCRETE IS CONCRETE.

I am a founding father for the ACI Nozzleman program which started over 12 years ago and a current C660 Shotcrete Certification committee voting member. I am a past president of the American Shotcrete Association and have been on the American Shotcrete Association executive board – vice president for over ten years.

In the past decade I have seen the world trend going towards Shotcrete (wet concrete mix) the need for an association to promote and educate this process is needed for the fast advancing concrete industry.

Thank You,
Chris Zynda
President Shotcrete Concrete Contractors Association
General Manager / JJA Shotcrete Operations
ACI Certified Examiner
Committee / ACI 506 -ACI 660
ASTM C/209
Approved ACI Examiner for Caltrans

History of Shotcrete (wet mix concrete process)

Starting in the mid 1950’s wet mix Shotcrete was introduced to the construction industry – these primitive attempts proved to be very beneficial to the industry, thru the 1970’s numerous structures have been constructed with Wet Mix Concrete using the Shotcrete process as means and method to place the concrete.

New Generation

In the early 1980’s the Concrete Industry takes a big step in the quality for mixing and batching ready mixed concrete, computer controlled ready mix plants are installed. Admixtures have become common and proven to increase the placement and durability of the concrete. The equipment used in the Shotcrete (wet mix concrete process) has changed full circle from the start in the mid 50’s.

Today's state of the art equipment is capable of pumping any slump and used in long distance tunnel projects as well as high rise concrete construction.

Description of Shotcrete 

Material is generally delivered with Ready- mix trucks per ACI 318 - ASTM C94 Standard specification for ready mixed concrete. The Aggregates are a combination of coarse and fine aggregates per ASTM C-33. Concrete is pumped thru a system with air-injected at the nozzle to increase velocity and improve the placement of the concrete. The concrete being placed may be vibrated and placed with or without the nozzle in congested and horizontal applications.

Certified Examiners